Do you find the competition in your niche getting tougher in your local area? You must learn how to set yourself apart to gain the attention of prospective customers. You probably know already that it’s a must to create an online presence. But still, many business owners fail to understand how to leverage their website to generate more leads. Remember that even though you’re already ranking on Google, you still have to deal with competition. If you haven’t used local maps SEO, there’s a good chance your competitors are doing better than you.

Setting Up Google My Business

Google My BusinessHiring a local search engine optimization expert like Top SEO Brisbane is undoubtedly important in boosting your organic rankings. This particular aspect of SEO has evolved over the years, prompted by the many changes in Google’s search algorithm. But aside from algorithmic changes, Google has also introduced a huge change regarding allowing businesses to increase their online presence. Google My Business makes it easy to set up a local business listing and control everything in one central dashboard.

As you might imagine, correctly setting up your account at Google My Business improves your chances of appearing for the terms used by your target audience when looking up your products or services. But this process doesn’t just entail entering your business name and address. To stand out from the other search listings, it’s essential to include a local map. Not only does this draw the eyes of prospective customers to your listing, but it also tells them instantly where to go to if they want to make a purchase.

Optimizing Local Maps

Creating your Google Maps listing is very simple, but you shouldn’t overlook the small details that have a huge influence on your rankings. For instance, it’s a must to choose the correct category for your business. You must also make sure that the physical address you attach to your business is the same address found on other online business directories. The same applies to your business phone number. By being consistent, you’re essentially telling Google that your business is legitimate.

Also, bear in mind that you shouldn’t use a fake address. This is because there’s a verification process. Google sends a postcard to the indicated address after setting up your account. The letter contains a PIN which you have to enter in your Google My Business dashboard.

This isn’t to say that other local business listings do not have a place in your overall marketing strategy. These websites still get plenty of traffic, and you never know when a potential customer stumbles upon your business in one of these platforms. It’s always beneficial to set up accounts in these channels as they also function as citations, which are basically “votes” that tell Google how important your business is.

Local maps SEO is a strategy you should use to grow your business. Only setting up a website and listing your business in various online directories wouldn’t cut it. Take a proactive approach and start taking steps to ensure that your business appears for the keywords used by your target audience.